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    ™PON system allows you to provide your customers with secure dedicated

    DWDM or CWDM channels right to their Home or Business.

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    We Are PonSystem


Welcome to Ponsystem

PON Systems is best positioned to provide our clients with a cost effective and reliable solution, which meets the business requirements, as well as our capacity to deliver a full range of integrated services which organizations need and can be successfully deployed.

Safety & Security System

Our safety & security solutions specialize in installing custom security systems tailored to meet your needs. Our state of the art system solutions offer unique integration capabilities on one platform for various security parameters enabling effective control of all centralized management solutions.

Audio Visual System

We offer various Audio Visual solutions for villas or high-rise buildings. Our SMATV, HITV & IPTV , Public Address & Back Ground Music solutions are perfectly suited for hotels, hospitals, residential towers and others. Our systems are cost efficient, modular and easy to install.

Data Networking System

In the present era of data convergence, controls, management and audio visuals over the Ethernet, a well designed cabling infrastructure is essential for an intelligent building where most technologies are implemented . We assure Once you choose PON, you will never search for another.

Communication System

We expertise to provide the communication facilities required to conduct an overall assessment of your existing infrastructure and to enhance your access to information. We have all communication systems that are guaranteed to bring improved efficiencies, better communication and reliable security to enterprises of all sizes.

Why we are so special

We have a rich experience in Designing, Implementing and Project Management, with total control. Once installed it is clearly essential, that maximum benefit should be gained from the system, which is supported thoroughly by the PON support team having vast experience and will ensure that the system continues to provide user benefits outlined throughout this process.

  • Voice & Data Networks

    Upgrading your network and components, call us to evaluate your voice, data, and video cabling to be sure your project moves in a forward direction.

  • Burglar Alarm Systems

    Our burglar alarm systems are no ordinary home security system. They can be tailored around your environment to protect you, your family, and your investments 24 hours everyday.

  • Surveillance Systems

    Are you a small, medium, or large business? We can provide you with the means of checking out your operations without having to hire a massive security force.


Intelligent Building


PON Equipment Enclosures​


Public Address Systems

Design and Implement state of the Art ELV Systems for our Clients, with evolving leading edge technologies of the world thus deriving maximum benefits for our clients and end user.

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