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Integrated Solutions

  1. IP Telephony / PABX
    IP Telephony / PABX
    We are expertise in IP PBX Business Phone Systems. We bring forth vast industrial experience and expertise in this business, involved in offering a high-quality range of IP PBX System.
  2. Digital Signage System
    Digital Signage System
    Electronic information display is now an important resource for business, government education and organizations throughout the public sector. PON System offers a range of Digital Signage Solutions
  3. Audio Visual System
    Audio Visual System
    PON offers the extensive range of branded products is constantly updated, to reflect the latest developments in multimedia projectors, flat screen displays, interactive presentation technology, – offering reliability, high quality and exceptional value for money.
  4. Audio / Video Intercom System
    Audio / Video Intercom System
    An audio video intercom system can add convenience and security to your home or business. A clear image of your visitor allows you to identify them and then remotely open the door or gate to give them access.
  5. Public Address (PA) System
    Public Address (PA) System
    Our team has experience and expertise to avail appropriate public address systems for every application and business environment. We supply install commission & maintain Speakers, Volume Controls, Network Controllers, Wireless Trans –Receivers, Booster Amplifiers, etc.
  6. IP TV / SMATV System
    IP TV / SMATV System
    Our SMATV Services include, property. Pre-wiring and termination of cable at each location specified at the Apartment. We have experience designing IPTV solutions and developing software components which are integral part of IPTV infrastructure and integration with the rest of enterprise ecosystem.
  7. Master Clock System
    Master Clock System
    PON System expertise in Installation and configuration of Master Clock System in hospital, office building, place of worship or school.
  8. CCTV System
    CCTV System
    Security and Surveillance Today's environment has made security the most integral part for any size of establishments Small, Medium and Large even government for that matter. We offer complete Surveillance Solutions from IP Video, Mobile surveillance, CCTV DVR, Access Control to Integrated systems.
  9. Structured Cabling System
    Structured Cabling System
    With our man years of experience and expertise we can be the single source for all your infrastructure needs. ... Structured Cabling ... We Offer : Comprehensive solutions for all infrastructure types-CAT6, CAT6A. CAT7, fiber optic, Black Bone Copper, and wireless networks, Cable system management. We have vast experience in structured cabling systems for School, Hospital, Government Building, Malls, Residential and Commercial Building
  10. Access Control System
    Access Control System
    Whether you need a complex access control system integrated to your video surveillance system, or a simple stand-alone device, we have all the products and expertise to meet your needs. We provide a complete access control solution including design, installation and on-going support for RF controls & card readers.
  11. Network Switches and Servers
    Network Switches and Servers
    Most business networks today use switches to connect computers, printers and servers within a building or campus. A switch serves as a controller, enabling networked devices to talk to each other efficiently. Through information sharing and resource allocation, switches save businesses money and increase employee productivity. Our team will be professional in Installation and Configuration of Switches, Servers and Firewalls.
  12. Home / Office Automation System
    Home / Office Automation System
    Our expertise lies in tying together Automation, Lighting and AV systems to give you a seamless and integrated smart solution for your residential and commercial properties.